Mudguard right 5 loch

  • Original CNH
  • 4983029-LT
  • 1016833

price per unit 1'060.85 CHF

prime cost 1'060.85 CHF

incl. 7.7% VAT  plus Shipping costs

Only 2 STK Available

LT doesn't deliver original CNH replacements to the EU-Area. Copy and OEM replacements will be available at the EU-Area.

Product information

5 hole mounting below

Overall height 660-670mm

Overall width 420-430mm

Caution only without cab block because these wings are not amplified.

Wings are painted orange but not in top quality!

Color runs and scratches are normal.

Technical details

  • Weight: 35 kg

Synonyms and predecessors.


  • 4983029   Ersetzt
  • 598847   Ersetzt
  • 598847-LT   Ersetzt
  • 4983869   Ersetzt
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