Grease GR9 cartidge 450ml 2710

  • Original CNH
  • NH710A-450
  • 1060705

price per unit 6.95 CHF

prime cost 6.95 CHF

incl. 7.7% VAT  plus Shipping costs

Only 3 STK Available

LT doesn't deliver original CNH replacements to the EU-Area. Copy and OEM replacements will be available at the EU-Area.

Product information

Extreme Pressure multipurpose lithium soap and calcium grease for wheel hub bearings and grease compression cups employed on tractors, agricultural machines and earth moving machines.


High mechanical stability to minimise the dispersion of the grease and consequent oil leakage at operating temperatures.

High oxidation resistance for an improved grease life.

High dripping point for use in parts operating at high temperatures.

High adhesiveness for preventing losses in the stirring or centrifugation phase.

Excellent pumping ability for an improved distribution of lubricating product.

Excellent resistance to water dilution and washout.

High anti-wear properties to extend the life of the mechanical parts.


NH 710 A


Technical details

  • Weight: 0.45 kg

Synonyms and predecessors.


  • Fettpatrone  
  • Fettkartusche  
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